'American Idol' Recap: Lee Dewyze, Tim Urban Shine On Subdued Elvis Night

Tim Urban performs on "American Idol."

It's Elvis Week! "American Idol's" Top 9 set out to prove that they're not all shook up by the king. And for added amusement, we have a fellow fan of black hair dye and sneering, Adam Lambert, as the mentor.

Let's play a side game of how many times they show the "Glee" cast in the studio audience. You may consume an adult beverage every time we spot one, if you want - but then you might not be very coherent when "Glee" actually comes on.

"Glee" cast sighting No. 1: Matthew Morrison to the left of Adam and Ryan Seacrest in the introduction.

1) Crystal Bowersox, "Saved"

It's great that the only critique Adam can give is that Crystal Bowersox should go electric. As usual, she sounds great - and she's one of the few singers that don't get drowned out by the background powerhouses. "Idol" backstory - they don't reveal the voting totals midseason because they don't want to give away who is ahead, and apparently it was obvious from early on in season four that Carrie Underwood was going to win. I wonder if the same thing is true this season for Crystal.

2) Andrew Garcia, "Hound Dog"

Jeez, between Usher and Adam, the mentors this season are being far more helpful than the actual judges. I still didn't like it. I think Adam meant to tell Andrew Garcia to sing the song at the normal tempo instead of one-third of normal tempo. Instead Andrew sang it at three-quarters normal tempo, which made it seem like he was reading the words off a too-slow teleprompter. And Andrew, don't whoop it up with the yahoos yelling for you in the audience when you're being eviscerated by the judges.

"Glee" cast sighting No. 2: Jenna Ushkowitz to the right of Ellen DeGeneres at the judges' table.

3) Tim Urban, "Can't Help Falling In Love"

I...I...liked this? Again? I've liked Tim Urban performances two weeks in a row? He even managed to sort of do the falsetto that Adam suggested, although it was a bit tentative. I think he's figured out that there's one thing he can do pretty well, and he's going to keep on doing it. He's so safe for another week - and maybe much, much longer.

"Glee" cast sighting No. 3: Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison to the left behind Simon Cowell.

4) Lee DeWyze, "A Little Less Conversation"

Great song choice! It was perfect for Lee DeWyze's voice, although I think his attempt to be more animated kind of backfired. It seemed like he was singing out of the side of his mouth, and the mic didn't pick up the full sound of his voice when he did. It also seemed like he missed the camera cue when he spun around with the guitar at the end. Baby steps, Lee, baby steps. But I bet this will be downloaded on iTunes a lot.

"Glee" cast sighting No. 4: Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison between Kara DioGuardi and Simon - perpetually. Just drink the whole beer.

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