Top 20 Tweets of the Week: 4/17/10

Here's our round-up of singers', rockers' and rappers' 20 coolest and funnest tweets from the past seven days. Be sure to tag @billboarddotcom to your favorite music retweets (and don't forget to follow us!)

@justinbieber : Justin Bieber Sucks is a trending topic...that is awesome.
@iamdiddy (Diddy): #HELLOGOODMORNING Have you hugged your accountant today??!!
@NICKIMINAJ : If I wasn't winning , u wouldn't care
@britneyspears : At the White Party in Palm Springs. Sooooo fun!!! About to check out Agnes. -Brit
@adamlambert : Not playing Angel in RENT. :) rumors....

@CourtneyLoveuK (Courtney Love): wow the new packaged Kotex looks awesome see i see ZERO shame in liking Kotex and i loathe OB! ick ! who needs to know? YOU DO!

@ludajuice (Ludacris): In the hood in Detroit and see a damn churches chicken and a white castle combined together. WTF is the world coming to?
@lilyroseallen (Lily Allen): Need. more. glee.
@fatbellybella (Erykah Badu): Mars is breastfeeding still . She rarely eats food . She's 1 and 2 Mos. Slow to walk . Think she's pretending to be lame .
@EstelleDarlings (Estelle): Overheard "have u seen that website "websites that look like justin beiber" *I can't......really the beib??*
@nicolerichie : "Eat a hot bowl of dicks" is my new "Sincerely". Forever. #IceTIsAwesome
@JayElectronica : Dear Cigarettes, I quit.
@amandapalmer : mozart would have twittered. beethoven probably would not have twittered.
@RiversCuomo (Weezer's Rivers Cuomo): I wish I could auto-tune my face.
@TheRealJordin (Jordin Sparks): It's okay to cry...I have to keep telling myself that. Goodnight twittlets.
@NickCannon : Guess I'm not famous enough! Oh well back to curb servin! LOL
@JoellOrtiz : im kinda not mad at David Ortiz though. Im sure his bouncers wouldnt beat the piss out of me when leaving his joint.
@diplo : I wanna do a rap album with anthony keidis and cookie monster and justin beeber
@hansonmusic (Hanson): When I was a little kid I dreamed of making this video. HANSON DANCING??? Enjoy!
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