Tim Urban Eyes Singing, Acting Career After 'Idol'

American Idol Tim Urban Eliminated

Even after getting voted off "American Idol" this week, Tim Urban is keeping it positive. The 24-year-old best known for having "adorable" smile (Ellen DeGeneres' words), trending on Twitter and being a last-minute addition to the top 24 says he's got his eye on a career in acting, singing, or being a Colgate spokesperson -- basically, wherever life takes him.

Simon Cowell was tough on you in the early weeks but seemed to get nicer as time went by. Did you two make amends?

Tim Urban: I actually didn't have a problem with Simon's critiques. I thought he was just speaking his mind, and I took that and tried to use it. It was cool that he recognized that I was working towards that stuff, and that was really encouraging, but we never had a problem to begin with.

What was the high point of the show for you?

Tim Urban: That's such a difficult question, because every time you step out on the stage it's such an amazing experience. But probably the biggest high point for me was getting that feedback after I sang the Elvis song ["I Can't Help Falling in Love"]. Just getting the feedback and seeing that I had improved and the judges were noticing that. That was really cool for me personally, just because I'd been working so hard up to that point. It was really good to see that it was showing.

Video: Tim Urban performs "Can't Help Falling in Love"

If you could turn back time and maybe show America one thing that you wish they could have seen about you, what would it be?

Tim Urban: That's kind of hard to say, because by the last couple of weeks, I really showed America the kind of artist that I would be. There were a couple of weeks where I was just kind of groping; I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do. But then when I finally settled down and just let myself be myself on the show, I think it really showed American the kind of artist that I want to be. Looking back I really feel like I did what I wanted to do.

Many fans have suggested that you'd be a good fit for Fox's "Glee" or another TV show. What do you see in your future?

Tim Urban: You know, I would love to do music. I'm hoping that that door opens up, but I also have always had a desire to act and be in that side of the entertainment industry as well. So I would be really excited if I got the opportunity to do that. I'm just waiting to see what happens, but I'm open to any of that at this point. I'm really just excited about the whole thing.

Since you come from a very large, close-knit family, have you ever considered doing a family act, like the Osmonds?

Tim Urban: Actually, I have thought about that, and I have done a little bit of that at home. My family is actually really musically talented. One of my younger sisters, she plays the piano and sings. She has a beautiful voice. Another younger sister also plays the piano, and she sings a little bit. And one of my younger brothers, he play a little djembe, a little African drum, and we've done small shows. I don't know if that's what they want to do with the rest of their lives, but that's something that I'd definitely love to be able to do in the future.

At this point your smile is almost as famous as you are, so tell us: why do you smile so much?

Tim Urban: I think I smile because I have a really solid grounding and I know who I am. I know that regardless of what happens around me, that will always be there. So when I get criticized, it's like, that's all right. I still know who I am. I still am happy that I get to do what I get to do, and it's just such a blessing to be here and to have had this opportunity, that I really couldn't help but smile.