'Idol' Siobhan Magnus Calls Adam Lambert Comparisons 'Wicked Flattering'

Siobhan Magnus American Idol


You've said that Courtney Love is one of your favorite female artists and that you also admire Rob Zombie. Is this the musical direction you'd like to take, and do you think it could cause a bit of nervousness among some of your fans?

Siobhan Magnus: It easily could. I can understand that being a cause of concern, but my tastes are in no way limited to that style of music. I love every kind of music that moves me...from jazz, soul, R&B and blues, to rock and punk. Oldies, big band, I love everything. I'll hopefully be able to create something that is my own sound but that also takes from everything I love, not just Courtney Love and Rob Zombie.

Video: Siobhan Magnus performs "Paint It Black" on "Idol"

What else would you like to do next?

Siobhan Magnus: I'd love to do some more theater. I love acting, and I've had a lot of experience in different kinds of theater. I do aspire someday to be in something like "Phantom of the Opera" or "Jesus Christ, Superstar," because I love acting and singing and the two of them together is just so much fun. I'm also a huge horror movie fan, and I definitely aspire to make an appearance in a wicked gory kind of horror film. A big dream of mine, since all of my brothers and sisters are very artistic, would be to collaborate with all of them. We can all come together and create a Magnus work of art.

How will you celebrate your homecoming in Cape Cod?

Siobhan Magnus: I can't wait to see everybody, and I'm sure we'll have a big family dinner, if not many. Family dinner for us means at least 30 people sitting down to dinner, and babies, and people of all ages. I can't wait to see my cat and give her a big kiss, and my dog and everybody -- it'll be great.

Any last words for your fans?

Siobhan Magnus: I just want to say thank you to everyone who ever believed me and supported me, and even thank you to the people who were naysayers, because that made me fight harder to get to the point that I made it to. I have the coolest fans, all the Siobhan-bons and Siozombies..it's been such a wild ride, and it's not over; it's just a new chapter. I hope to take this as an opportunity to start to think even more about what's next for me, which hopefully is going to be an array of things from theater to film to recording -- and performing all over the place, for whoever wants to hear me scream.