Glee: The Billboard Cover Story


"Glee" was picked up for a second season in January -- months before the traditional fall lineup reveal in May -- and begins airing in September.

As it did during the hiatus between the first and second halves of the first season, "Glee" will remain in the spotlight. The auditions for the new second-season characters taking place on News Corp. sibling MySpace will be turned into a reality show that will debut on Fox in the lead-up to the fall return of "Glee."

Moreover, during the hiatus, "Glee" marketing will continue online-some in official forums like MySpace and promotional video teasers from Fox, some not. A large part of the show's digital footprint comes from outlets that aren't necessarily approved by Fox, namely Twitter. Most of the cast is very active on the service, with Cory Monteith-who plays soft-hearted jock Finn Hudson-offering details of how to win tickets to the "Glee" tour to Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones) asking for advice on what to wear to red carpet events to all the actors describing their heart palpitations before performing at the White House.

Speaking of nerves-back at the Saban, rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline (spoiler alerts!) has done a frenzied performance -- literally, a dancer fell and conked her head during one run-through-of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" for regionals. Under such heady competition, will the "Glee" characters get a fairytale ending during the season finale by taking home first place? We'll leave that as a cliffhanger-but in true "Glee" style, the show does come full circle: The team from McKinley High goes in it to win it with a medley from Journey.

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