Track Review: K'NAAN, 'Is Anybody Out There'
K'Naan world cup flags

The song that's destined to be forever associated with the 2010 World Cup came to its creator in a split second in the summer of 2007. Somali-born rapper K'Naan was taking a break from recording his debut album at Sony Studios in New York. The melody came to him suddenly as he walked through the damp streets after a rain shower, making him dash back to the studio and abandon the track he had been working on, in favor of what would become "Wavin' Flag." "I was kind of in a frenzy," recalls K'Naan (pronounced KAY-non), back in New York for a round of promotion. "It was one of those songs that overtakes and consumes you."

K'Naan featuring David Bisbal, "Wavin' Flag"