Dr. Dre, Jay-Z Collaboration 'Under Pressure' Leaks

Getty Images
Dr. Dre

Back in April during an interview with CNBC, Dr. Dre first told fans that "Under Pressure" -- his collaborative track with Jay-Z -- would be released in a few weeks. Now, not quite as promised, an unfinished version of the track hit the net today (June 16).

"The long-await to 'Detox' trick, 'cause maybe I don't want to stop, maybe I don't want to quit...maybe we need to breathe some life in this shit / maybe we are the life of this shit," Dre starts his verse over an elevating piano. "I smoke, I drink, I'm supposed to stop but I can't," he continues towards the end of the song.

"I don't know if it's the goose talking, but you know they say the liquor get the truth talking," Jay-Z spits on his verse. "I'm in this party, I'm up to no good / and I should be ducking this club, Tiger Woods." Jay also goes on to cite troubled sports player Gilbert Arenas, rapping, "All these little haters got me back with the nina / Got me bringing guns to work, Gilbert Arenas."

And while rumors are circulating that the nearly mythical "Detox" will now be released in 2011, Dre told fans just two months ago, "I'm definitely putting an album out this year, finally, and I think everyone will be happy with it. I'm trying to finish this record, finally get it done and get it our and start promoting it."