Miley Cyrus And Her Famous Friends Gallery

Miley Cyrus And Her Famous Friends Gallery

At the tender age of 17, teen starlet Miley Cyrus already has her fair share of celebrity acquaintances to "say cheese" with. From her Disney days as "Hannah Montana" to Cyrus' more recent promotion of her film, "The Last Song," the internationally adored singer and actress is big where it counts: the entertainment community.

Cyrus' short but already storied career has earned her an in with everyone from Lil Wayne to Etta James, fellow southern belle Britney Spears to frien-emy Perez Hilton. And throughout it all, smiley Miley has consistently shared red carpet flashbulb time with her talented Disney Channel peers, i.e. the JoBros, Vanessa Hudgens and Demi Lovato.


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