25 Stars Remember Michael Jackson, A Video Tribute

25 Stars Remember Michael Jackson, A Video Tribute

Among the over two dozen artists who shared their love for Michael Jackson on camera with Billboard.com recently, it was Jason Derulo who summed up how everyone felt. "It's crazy, I can't believe one year has passed," Derulo said. "It's still surreal for me. How can Michael Jackson actually be gone?"

As we celebrate all things Michael Jackson on the first anniversary of his passing, we've created a video tribute of music stars talking about what MJ meant to them, from Lil Jon, Juvenile and Gucci Mane to Nikki Yanofsky to Christina Aquilera, the Jonas Brothers, and Nelly, and many more.

Listening to the Jackson 5, the Jonas Brothers' Nick Jonas explained, "as brothers, it really had an impact on us and influenced us."

"We have all had moments in time where we wanted to dance like Michael, and we were just infatuated and in awe of his talent," Christina Aguilera said.

In terms of MJ's artistic legacy, Bun B breaks it down succinctly. "On a scale of one to 10, 10 passed away last summer. So everybody from here on out can only be one through 9.9."

Billboard's Facebook page will be decicated to Michael all day Friday, June 25. Stop by Facebook.com/Billboard and share your MJ tributes and memories.

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