Chart Beat Thursday: Eminem, Jason Derulo, Cyndi Lauper
Chart Beat Thursday: Eminem, Jason Derulo, Cyndi Lauper

Now that Eminem is signaling a new era in his music, it would be natural to wonder how this affects his business. But despite his respect for fellow rap icon Jay-Z, Eminem doesn't plan to follow in his entrepreneurial footsteps.

"I don't think he wants to be that kind of businessman," Rosenberg says. "I think he's really focused on the creative side. He's never been someone who's set out to have a bunch of different companies out there, sort of playing the system. He's just not that kind of guy."

The one project Eminem and Rosenberg are focused on is the rebuilding of their label, Shady Records. "What we mean by that is finding great new artists," Rosenberg says. "That's one of the things he is passionate about." Eminem has cited underground all-star group Slaughterhouse as his first planned signing, and he says more artists are on the table but not ready to be announced.

How Eminem's post-"Recovery" world evolves is unclear, but focusing on art over money is a plan that has yet to fail him on both ends. "Honestly, as long as people enjoy the music, that means the most to me," Eminem says with unabashed sincerity. "I could sell 80 million records in the first week, and if my peers or fans of real hip-hop didn't like it, it really wouldn't mean anything."

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