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Sleigh Bells at Coachella, 4/16/2010 Jason Persse

The Brooklyn duo Sleigh Bells is handling the buzz around its debut album, "Treats," by ignoring it.

"We're on the road right now, so we're kind of just worried about the day-to-day minutiae, getting to the venue and sound-checking and putting on a good show," vocalist Alexis Krauss tells "We understand the fact that we've started very well in a short amount of time, but we're just trying to keep everything in and hope that it lasts, and as long as people want to hear our music, hear our songs, we'll put it out there."

Krauss and musical partner Derek E. Miller, formerly of Poison the Well, are already thinking about what they might put out there next, in fact. Krauss says the duo, which is signed to M.I.A.'s N.E.E.T. Recordings label (Miller collaborated on a track on her new "/\/\ /\ Y /\" album), still has material left over from "Treats" that it hopes to work on in the near future.

Video: Sleigh Bells performs "Tell 'Em" on tour

"We really were in the studio for two months. There's not so much you can finish in two months time," Krauss explains. "There's certainly tons of ideas that didn't make it onto the first record and tons of new [songs] already coming to be. We haven't recorded anything yet, but we have a break coming up between August and September, so we're hoping we might do something and be in the studio then."

Sleigh Bells are in the midst of their first headlining tour, which includes a July 17 date at Los Angeles' Cornfields festival and a show the following night at the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago, as well as supporting M.I.A. at Hard NYC in New York. Krauss anticipates that she and Miller "will probably go overseas for a little while and play to people out there, which I'm very excited about," and also hope "to play as many shows as possible and then get back in the studio and make another record."

The most nerve-wracking thing about being Sleigh Bells on the road? Hoping the iPod is in good working order on a given night. "So far, so good," Krauss says with a laugh. "Sadly, we only have one (back-up iPod), but we have the music on a Mac and there's other back-ups. Our setup is pretty simple; I have a couple vocal pedals for different effects and Derek has his guitar pedals, and we're still running all of our tracks through the iPod. Our live set is somewhere between a live band and a DJ set, where we want to create an atmosphere that is just fun and energetic and just encourages mayhem and lots of dancing."