15 Reality TV Stars Turned Wannabe Musicians
15 Reality TV Stars Turned Wannabe Musicians

Nostalgic for fist-pumping, smushing, and drunken brawling after a night of chugging Ron Ron Juice?

Not to worry -- Snooki, The Situation and the rest of the "Jersey Shore" gang officially return to MTV tonight (July 29) for the season 2 premiere of their reality smash. To celebrate, we've collected the most memorable (for better or worse) musical moments that two decades of reality TV stars have brought to the world. From the techno treats of Pauly D and Heidi Montag's beach-set video to Kelly Osbourne's Madonna moment, these brave souls made the leap from TV to the radio, for all of our listening pleasure!

Watch the videos here, and tell us which ones you think could actually make it onto the Billboard charts.

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"Beat Dat Beat"

DJ Pauly D, "Jersey Shore"

"I'm DJ Pauly D, and I'm going to have you fist pumpin' all night long," warns the "Jersey Shore" star in his debut single, "Beat Dat Beat." Delvecchio offers pearls of wisdom and declares that "being a guido's a way of life," over a catchy explosion of synths.

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