Billboard Bits: Taylor Swift 'Mine' Preview, Shyne Negotiates with Cash Money

Billboard Bits: Taylor Swift 'Mine' Preview, Shyne Negotiates with Cash Money

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Sneak Peek of Taylor Swift's "Mine" Video

A sneak peek of Taylor Swift's "Mine" video hit the internet today via CMT. Photos from the shoot show Swift in a wedding gown holding hands with actor Toby Hemingway from the movie "Black Swans." The video will premiere Aug. 27 at 8:30 PM EST on, and (CMT)

Shyne Negotiating to Release Album On Cash Money Records

Belizean rapper Shyne recently told MTV News that he is in talks to release two records - one on his current label, Def Jam, and possibly a second on Cash Money Records. Though no contracts have been finalized, Shyne says he's got enough material to make two separate albums. "Maybe I'll come with something six months later, [maybe] every six months. I've got so much to say, you dig? I don't think I can answer all the questions on one album," said the rapper. (MTV News)

Travis Barker Prepares for Star-Studded Solo Album

Blink-182 drummer extraordinaire Travis Barker has garnered a number of notable rap and hip-hop stars to appear on his upcoming solo album, NME reports. Among the recruits are Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Drake, T.I., Game, Pharrell Williams, RZA, Lupe Fiasco, Rick Ross, The Cool Kids and Clipse. The album, which was produced by Barker, is slated for an October release. (NME)

Madonna's Clothing Line Sparks Lawsuit

Madonna and daughter Lourdes's recently-launched clothing line, "Material Girl," has brought on a lawsuit by reportedly similar California clothing company L.A. Triumph, according to Reuters. The company is suing Madonna on the grounds that L.A. Triumph has been selling under the name "Material Girl" since at least 1997. The suit was filed in the California Central District Thursday (Aug. 19) and asks the judge to consider Madonna's line's "deception" and that Madonna and her company surrender all "Material Girl" profits. (Reuters)

Wiz Khalifa Declines Invitation to Join Drake's Tour

Rapper Wiz Khalifa has declined Drake's invitation to join his "Lightdreams & Nightmares" Tour, according to Rap Radar. "No disrespect to cuz or anybody else who might wanna see me do some more collaborative things, but to keep buildin' and keep my brand as strong as what it is, I gotta keep focusin' on what it is," Khalifa said in response. Drake, who is gearing up for his tour with Clipse, extended the invitation to Wiz during his Ustream webcast last night (Aug. 19). (Rap Radar)

Sufjan Stevens Releases New Album

Sufjan Stevens released the eight-song, 60-minute-long EP, "All Delighted People," according to Pitchfork. The album is available for $5 on Stevens' Bandcamp webpage. Listeners can also stream the entire album there for free. (Pitchfork)

(Reporting by Courtney Baldasare, Walter Frazier and Megan Vick)