Top 20 Tweets of the Week: 8/28/10

Here's our round-up of singers', rockers' and rappers' 20 coolest and funnest tweets from the past seven days. Be sure to tag @billboarddotcom to your favorite music retweets (and don't forget to follow us!)

@kanyewest: On set of the movie... this doe just refuses to sit still... I told the deer... "what would Bambi do?" & she looked at me like I was crazy
@souljaboy: God knows I didn't do that. that's all that matters, you are nothing but humans. Pow
@50cent: I was kicking it wit swiss last night That nigga happy he got alicia keysHe was smiling and shit That nigga showed me all his teeth
@lindsaylohan: Clearly.. Paparazzi shouldn't be allowed to take pictures or video while someone's driving or at a stop light. 4every1's sake #trafficpolice

@nicolerichie: nicolerichie WOW so honored! Hell to the YES!
@joelmadden: My one and only @nicolerichie is named one of the 100 most powerful black women on twitter. My life is like twitter. She runs it.
@benjaminmadden: @nicolerichie Now that ur 1of the 100most powerful Black Women on twitter can U get me a date w/ @Ciara or @Nickiminaj i'm over bein single

@tyrese: iPhone is the worst sometimes.. When you write Homey or Homie the spell check turns it to HONEY. I sent that to Michael Jordan.. Not Cool :(

@arze(Ezra Koenig - Vampire Weekend): When u see ppl writing a novel at Starbucks or poetry at Cosi are u bummed or r u like "hell yeah! art is eternal!"?

@julietsimmsall (Juliet Simms - Automatic Love Letter): i hate how they call it Penalty fees when youre trying to change your flight! Its not like i kicked the opposite soccer team in the head

@billy (Billy Corgan - Smashing Pumpkins): People have always wondered what was going on between me and J-Lo...

@estelledarlings (Estelle): uhm....miss universe...yeah seems a lil "mad men"/dated/barefoot and pregnant to it just me?

@julianperretta: just read how Chris Brown has joined a charity which supports women who are victims of domestic violence. If you can't beat them, join them.

@raekwon: Best seat in the house watchin the homie snoop do his thang!
@travisrclark (Travis Clark - We The Kings): I am seriously gonna show up at somebody's school today, I miss the first day vibe...good luck everybody :)

@misskellyo (Kelly Osbourne): Thanx in touch for your bullshit story looks like I will be taking all my friends on Holliday courtesy of you! You are really pathetic!

@markhoppus: Look. I'm not falling for it. Moldy bread does NOT count as "bleu cheese bread!"

@mariosoultruth: I'm a man and I admit that sometimes we do the stupidest s***t!!

@paulscheer: What size garbage bag do you recommend for medium sized human bodies? #latenighttweets

@owlcity: This morning I saw an elephant jogging down the street in my pyjamas. How he got into my pyjamas, I'll never know.