Exclusive: Hear Fred Schneider's Superions Do Christmas

Exclusive: Hear Fred Schneider's Superions Do Christmas

It may still be October, but for the B-52's Fred Schneider, the time is just right for his first holiday album. Schneider and his side band The Superions' "Destination... Christmas!" isn't due out until Oct. 26, but you can hear all of the kitschy, danceable fun here, now exclusively on Billboard.com.

"I had all these ideas and lyrics for Christmas records for the past five years, and the B-52s decided they weren't going to do a Christmas record ever I guess," says Schneider. "So the Superions are like a pet side-project and I'm putting a lot of energy into it. They came up with the kind of music I wanted to do."

The Superions, formed in 2006, features Schneider on vocals as well as Orlando-based duo Noah Broadie and Dan Marshall.

"Destination," the frontman laughs, "has all your Christmas things, abominable snowmen, avalanches, cannibalism. And hello, we decided to make 'Fruitcake' the song to lead off with since that's something you can eat all year long, Halloween and Thanksgiving too." The album is available for pre-order from Amazon.

The album came together quickly. "We wrote nine songs in 11 days. When you start doing something that's humorous, it's easy. They have Pro-Tools and we put the microphone up in the hallway and shut the door so you can't hear the traffic going by and pray somebody doesn't leave their cell phone on," Schneider says.

The trio plans to follow "Destination... Christmas!" with a non-themed studio album, according to Schneider. "We already have songs done for a quote 'regular' record. And we have a single coming out with Peaches and Shunda K called 'Three-Way Freeway.'"

As for his "first commitment," the B-52s, Schneider says the band has recorded three nights of live shows from its 2010 tour and they are in the process of getting them mixed down into a live album. A release date has not yet been set.