A Justin Bieber Birthday Card, from Billboard.com

Justin Bieber was the world's most-streamed music artist in 2010, according to numbers shared by video analytics company TubeMogul.

Bieber collected 1.07 billion streams through Dec. 7. TubeMogul's figures include streams from YouTube and MySpace for the five biggest publishers of music video content (EMI, Hollywood Records, Sony Music, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group).

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Bieber is a common site on YouTube's all-time list, too. His video for "Baby," featuring Ludacris, is YouTube's all-time most viewed video with 405 million streams through Dec. 8. "Never Say Never," featuring Jaden Smith, is 16th with 118 million views and "Never Let You Go" is 20th with 106 million views.

Just as impressive as Bieber's dominance in 2010 streams is his market share. Bieber's 1.07 billion streams in 2010 represent an incredible 6.9% of the 14.8 billion videos streamed by the top five publishers this year. In other words, about one of every 14 streams for the top five publishers was a Bieber video.

In a distant second place in 2010 was Lady Gaga with just under 879 million streams and a 5.7% share of the top publishers' total streams. Her video for "Bad Romance" ranks second on YouTube's all-time list with 316 million views.

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Eminem was third in 2010 with 709 million streams and a 4.6% share of the top publishers' total streams. He has two videos in YouTube's all-time top 10: "Love the Way You Lie" is fifth with 228 million streams and "Not Afraid" ranks seventh all-time at YouTube with 163 million.

Here's the entire top 10 list:

1. Justin Bieber: 1,071,022,618

2. Lady Gaga: 878,963,098

3. Eminem: 709,772,549

4. Rihanna: 521,468,879

5. Shakira: 404,118,932

6. Black Eyed Peas: 345,090,199

7. Miley Cyrus: 323,186,543

8. Taylor Swift: 241,860,978

9. Linkin Park: 186,235,206

10. David Guetta: 178,714,947

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