Watch President Obama 'Sing' Drake's 'One Dance'

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative town hall event in Ho Chi Minh City on May 25, 2016.

Barack Obama's a well documented hip-hop fan, so it's always a joy to see the President rap a little -- even when it's fake. 

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The Youtube channel Baracksdubs has cut together the Leader of the Free World's speeches so that he sings Drake's chart-topping hit "One Dance."

While the flow isn't as good as Drake's own, with some imagination it delivers a glimpse of what we could have got if Obama's career had taken a drastically different turn. Or maybe it's just the side only Michelle gets to see. 

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It's not the first time Baracksdubs has mashed up Obama and Drake. Last year, POTUS was put on "Hotline Bling."

Watch the new clip here: