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Watch Barbra Streisand, Daisy Ridley & Anne Hathaway Team Up in the Studio to Sing Broadway

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Daisy Ridley in a promo video for Barbra Streisand's albumĀ "Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway."

Barbra Streisand teamed up with Anne Hathaway and Daisy Ridley for a powerful rendition of A Chorus Line's "At the Ballet."

The video, of the trio belting out the single, from Streisand's Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway along with a behind-the-scenes video where she directs Ridley and Hathaway.

Streisand reveals that when she was interviewing Ridley for Gypsy she asked her if she could sing.

Barbra Streisand Announces Movie Star Duets Album

"She said 'Yeah I can sing,'" said Streisand. "I didn't know if that was supposed to be like me in 'Funny Girl' when he goes 'Can you skate?' and I go, 'Of course I can skate,' and the next minute she's falling all over the place because, of course she can't skate." However, Streisand's risk paid off. "She wasn't kidding," said Streisand, "She can sing."

Ridley said at first she was nervous singing with Streisand and being directed by her, especially since it was her first time recording a song. She pointed out that she was working with two actresses who won Oscars for their musical films, an experience she jokes was "slightly daunting." Eventually though, Ridley got into the swing of things and said she felt at ease.

Hathaway recorded the song while she was pregnant. Streisand said, "I was so happy to see her looking radiant and glowing no makeup but with the beauty of a woman about to give birth to a child."

Watch the behind-the-scenes video and listen to the full song below.

This article originally appeared on The Hollywood Reporter.