Kobalt Launches 'First of its Kind' App for Music Creators

Kobalt continues to position itself as a leader in transparency as it today made its music publishing portal available to be accessed by an app designed for iOS devices.

Dubbed the Kobalt App, it allows creators to access their earnings on the go. 

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“This connection between a creator’s works and their income is the first of its kind,” Kobalt founder and CEO Willard Ahdritz said in a statement. “Imagine how that will influence their decisions, shape their perspectives."

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Kobalt prides itself on transparency and its now global reach through its AMRA operation (a rights organization with worldwide relationships) allows Kobalt to capture its digital publishing revenue in the territory where it is generated, rather than waiting for it to filter back to London—or any country it has publishing operations in—through the normal route of local collective rights organization. Kobalt claims its system collects more artist royalties, at a faster rate.

Kobalt claims that with the app, its clients can scroll through their top 100 music earnings at a glance, whether by time period, territory, or type of publishing right. It says the app provides daily updates of activity and the resultant latest income from the top digital music services, including YouTube; it also tracks every synch opportunity.

An Android version of the Kobalt App is planned for the near future.

For more information visit KobaltMusic.com.