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Wet Drop House Remix of 'All The Ways' As Master & Dynamic's New In-Residence Artist

Erik Madigan Heck

Wet's taken the time to build upon the buzzy foundation that hailed them as the next big thing, with a New York Times profile on vocalist Kelly Zutrau, a performance of "Weak" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and the January release of their debut full-length album Don't You.

Now Wet's the latest In-Residence artist for premium audio brand Master & Dynamic, following innovative artists such as Polica and Mas Ysa. To kick off their Master & Dynamic stint, they've done an interview with Master & Dynamic's The 10,000 and dropped a smooth remix of Don't You single "All The Ways."

Wet Talks New Album 'Don't You' & Turtles

"All The Ways," which landed on the Billboard Twitter Emerging Artist chart earlier this year, is a plaintive track that highlights Zutrau's sweet voice. For Master & Dynamic, Wet tapped the talents of duo Jefferson909, who transformed the sweet, lilting R&B-inspired track into a hypnotizing progressive house banger.

Catch Wet live this summer, and listen to "All the Ways (Jefferson909 Remix)" below.