The Best of DJ Quik/Da Finale

Longevity in rap music is rare.

Longevity in rap music is rare. In a genre that is often unfriendly to veteran acts, DJ Quik has ably maintained a lucrative career for the better part of 12 years. A pioneer of West Coast hip-hop, David "DJ Quik" Blake was first introduced to the world via Quik Is the Name (Profile). Quik put his own touch on West Coast hip-hop as one of the first artist/producers in the game. Five albums later, his funk-inspired tales of parties, ladies, and gangs in the streets of Compton, Calif., still have heads nodding. Classic tracks like "Tonite" and "Born and Raised in Compton" are both nostalgic and refreshing. The album also includes two new tracks, "Streets Iz Callin' " and the instrumental groove "Quik's Groove VII." The latter, with its adult jazz influences, is a perfect illustration of the artist's growth. Quik's recent resurgence with the production of the Truth Hurts smash "Addictive" has introduced him to a whole new generation of R&B and hip-hop fans.—RH