Keith Caulfield answers readers' questions about Eminem, Sugababes, and Culture Club.



I was wondering why Eminem's song "Lose Yourself" is on the modern rock charts? I don't consider Eminem's music to be rock. I would really like to know why.



Hi John,

This is a very common question. Billboard's modern rock chart tracks radio airplay on U.S. modern rock outlets. The chart simply reflects current songs that are being played the most on those stations. We don't selectively screen out songs that aren't rock. We simply list whatever they are playing. Many modern rock stations have embraced Eminem, even though he's a rapper and not a rock musician.

For what it's worth, at one time, artists like Sting, Ace Of Base, Enya, Los Lobos, Shaggy, Shawn Colvin, and Paul Simon were all listed on the modern rock tally. While those artists don't fit what many describe as modern rock, they all had chart entries on the list because the stations that made up the panel were playing their songs.



Could you tell me peak position/sales for the Sugababes releases in America -- the previous single "Overload" and the album, "One Touch" on London/Sire Records label, or their most recent attempt, "Round Round," on Universal?



Hi Carter,

Unfortunately, the Sugababes debut album "One Touch" never charted in the U.S. Though the London/Sire disc went unnoticed in America, in the U.K. it garnered critical praise and spawned the No. 6 hit "Overload."

Earlier this year, the trio released its second disc, "Angels With Dirty Faces," through Universal. It debuted in the top-10 in the U.K. and so far, three of the album's singles have hit the top-10 on the singles chart there. Those include the No. 1s "Freak Like Me" and "Round Round."

While "Angels" doesn't have a release date in the U.S. yet, a CD single for "Round Round" was released on Oct. 29.



When will the U.S. get the Culture Club 20th anniversary four-CD box set? Do you know a release date and price, and what record label is putting it out? The U.K. got it on Dec 2.

Thanks for your time.


Rick Spear

Hi Rick,

Virgin will release a four-disc Culture Club box set in the U.S. on Jan. 28. The compilation will features hits, demos, remixes, alternate versions, and previously-unreleased songs.

The quartet's last album to chart in the U.S. was its "VH1 Storytellers/Greatest Moments" two-CD set. In 1998, the Virgin album reached No. 148 on The Billboard 200.