Jeffrey Gaines Moves 'Toward The Sun'

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"It's a wonderful place to have your imagination develop, because you're always longing for something," says singer/songwriter Jeffrey Gaines of his hometown, Harrisburg, Pa. "You have to steep your dreams a bit longer."

Such patience has served Gaines well. He released three well-received albums, beginning with an eponymous set a decade ago, before finally achieving a breakthrough in 2001, when his stark, passionate take on Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" found favor with listeners. Gaines is primed to build on that success when "Toward the Sun," his fifth album and his second for Artemis Records, bows Feb. 11.

"The beautiful thing was that it felt like the beginning of my musical career," Gaines says of working with noted producer Mitchell Froom. "We were communicating about music," he adds, describing the jam-session spirit that yielded "Toward the Sun." "We found commonality in a bunch of different things."

Artemis president Daniel Glass says, "It was so magical and simple."

The album is led by the single "Over and Over," which has been sent to U.S. triple-A and hot AC radio outlets for airplay consideration. The set also includes such tracks as opener "Falling Apart," "In This Lifetime," and "Our Lie."

Gaines will perform Feb. 13 at the B.B. King Blues Club in New York to celebrate the release of "Toward the Sun," and a spring/summer tour is being planned. "I play so many shows and am on the road so much," he says, "my connection with people is the audience. It's an absolutely strange kind of love."

Excerpted from the Jan. 11, 2003, issue of Billboard. The full original text of the article is available in the members section.

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