Youth Oriented

This is Happy Apple's fifth release.

This is Happy Apple's fifth release. A relatively young, Minneapolis-based, jazz trio that has garnered a notable following in Europe, Happy Apple is reminiscent of the more widely celebrated Medeski, Martin, and Wood in their free-form approach to their material. The threesome's new record is a very pleasurable listening experience. Saxophonist Michael Lewis is a fine avant-soloist who blows a wealth of intriguing ideas on such tunes as "Green Grass Stains on Wrangler Jeans" and the dizzying "The Landfall Planetarium." Bandmates Erik Fratzke and David King are multi-instrumentalists who form much more than a rhythm section behind Lewis. This should be called post-Miles jazz, since Miles Davis opened the door to this sort of jazz-fusion sound. Youth Oriented is an important, surprisingly mature, piece of work. Racked by Ryko.—PVV