U.K. trio Dirty Vegas had quite a year in 2002.

U.K. trio Dirty Vegas had quite a year in 2002. The act's debut single, "Days Go By," started out innocently enough as the backing music for the clever Mitsubishi Eclipse TV ad, before going top 20. By year's end, the song's refrain—"Days go by and still I think of you"—had become a rather memorable and catchy mantra. Then, earlier this year, the song was nominated for a Grammy Award in the best dance recording category. Now, along comes the dazzling A Night at the Tables, a beat-mixed set that finds Dirty Vegas mates Steve Smith, Paul Harris, and Ben Harris exploring their DJ roots. House heads will surely revel in this musical journey that is equal parts soulful, tribal, and progressive. Scumfrog's wonderfully scruffy Beauty & the Beast Vocal mix of Kylie Minogue's "Love at First Sight" (also nominated for a Grammy in the best dance recording category) starts the proceedings; from there, it's one non-stop ride, with artists like Celeda, Oscar G, Ralph Falcon, Frankie Knuckles, and Nicki Richards making appearances. Midway through, Sandy Rivera's anthemic collaboration with Haze, "Changes," becomes one with Dirty Vegas' own "Ghosts" (the M.A.S. Collective Vocal). Just try sitting this one out.—MP