Keith Caulfield answers readers' questions about Faith Hill, reggae sales, and Silverchair.



I'm a big fan of Faith Hill. Just curious, how many albums has she sold to date? How about the sales of her latest album, "Cry?" Anyway, is she planning to release any singles soon from her latest album? Or does she have other plans maybe to sing on a soundtrack soon?

Yours sincerely,


Hi Ronald,

So far, Faith Hill's five U.S. albums have sold a collective 15 million units in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan. "Cry," her most recent Warner Bros. effort, has sold 2.37 million copies in the U.S. since its release late last year.

The next single from the set will be "One." It was recently sent to U.S. radio stations for airplay consideration, so expect to hear it very soon, if you have not already. There is no word on if she's going to appear on a soundtrack anytime in the near future.



What is the best selling reggae album of all time? As in what album has sold the most copies worldwide? Thank you for your answer.


Hi Peter,

Worldwide figures are something that cannot be easily tabulated, as there is not one firm that tracks sales across the globe. I can, however, say that the biggest selling reggae album in the U.S. is Bob Marley and the Wailers' "Legend." The Recording Industry Association of America has bestowed the Tuff Gong/Island disc a diamond award certifying U.S. shipments of 10 million copies.



I'm just wondering if you know how many albums Aussie band Silverchair have sold worldwide including their latest release, "Diorama."



Hi Mark,

As stated above in the answer to the previous question, no one firm tabulates worldwide sales. That said, I can give you Silverchair's U.S. sales, as collected by Nielsen SoundScan. The group's five U.S. albums have sold 3.1 million altogether in the U.S. The most recent release from the band was 2002's "Diorama." The Atlantic album has sold 55,000 stateside copies.