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Alkaline Trio

AlUnderground rock outfit Alkaline Trio releases its next studio album, "Good Mourning," this week via Vagrant Records. The follow up to 2001's "From Here to Infirmary" was tracked at Cello Studios in Los Angeles with producer Joe McGrath (Blink 182, R.L. Burnside) and co-producer/mixer Jerry Finn (Blink 182, Green Day).

As one of Vagrant's bigger-selling artists, the group felt pressure to follow up the success of "Infirmary," which bowed at No. 14 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart. "This is the first time we've had all the time in world to make an album and we've got money that we hadn't had before," frontman Matt Skiba says. "More money means more time to get things right. We knew that this record would be much better and now that we're done with it, I think that it's far better than our last record."

The new set sports such romance-inspired punk songs as "This Could Be Love," "Every Thug Needs a Lady," and "Fatally Yours," but, as Skiba explains, "the majority of the songs are on the dark side." Things turn more upbeat on the anthem "We've Had Enough," featuring vocals by the Circle Jerks' Keith Morris. "He's such a huge inspiration to me, and he created a lot of what still exists today in punk rock -- especially vocally," Skiba says. "To have him on the record, on my favorite song on the album, is a big thrill."