50 Cent is definitely rap/hip-hop's man of the hour.

50 Cent is definitely rap/hip-hop's man of the hour. But a Southern revolution is taking shape, thanks to such soldiers as Killer Mike and Bone Crusher. Joining those ranks is David Banner. Banner is the first artist on former Loud principal Steve Rifkind's Street imprint. Given the title and Banner's Jackson roots, it's no surprise that this debut reflects all things Mississippi—as well as the various personas of the producer/artist. The 18-track set is a rollicking ride that's part party anthem and part social consciousness. One minute, you're head-bobbin' to such rapid-flow, hardcore cuts as current single "Like a Pimp" (with Lil' Flip). The next, you're whiplashed into harsh reality by such tracks as "Mississippi," where the rebel "flag means more than me." And it's all accompanied by hard-driving beats produced by Banner, with able assists from fellow Southerner Lil' Jon, among others.—GM

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