Moby is eyeing several projects for release in the coming months.

Moby is eyeing several projects for release in the coming months. According to his official Web site, the electronic music maven is compiling a DVD featuring all the music videos from his latest V2 album "18," as well as "some profoundly stupid comedy bits" and "a section wherein I write a song from scratch and document the whole process, as self-involved as that might sound."

The artist is also reactivating his alter ago Voodoo Child for the first time since 1997. He describes an upcoming album under that name as "a dance record, whereas the last Voodoo Child CD was kind of a melodic/atmospheric record. [The new album] has some melodic/atmospheric elements, but it's basically a straightforward electronic dance record with some nice old-skool elements, [because] I'm a sentimentalist at heart."

Moby says both the DVD and Voodoo Child CD should "be released sometime mid-autumn or early winter," but a V2 spokesperson had no information on potential release dates.

Finally, a single for the "18" album track "Dance for the Ladies" will be released June 23 internationally by Mute, featuring remixes by Jason Nevins and Fannypack member Fancy, plus two new B-sides.

Moby is making the rounds at summer European festivals, including Rock Im Park in Germany, Pink Pop in Holland, the Glastonbury festival in the U.K., and the Benicassim festival in Spain. Dates get underway June 5 in Rouen, France.

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