"We're Betty Blowtorch and we . . . don't . . . give . . . a . . .

"We're Betty Blowtorch and we . . . don't . . . give . . . a . . . fuck!" That shout-out at the beginning of Last Call's opening live track "Rock My World" pretty much says it all. Betty Blowtorch consisted of four Hollywood chicks who knew how to rock hard 'n' sleazy with the worst of 'em. In 2001, the group was on the cusp of stardom, when lineup changes were followed by the car-crash death of singer/bassist and bitch-in-heat icon Bianca Butthole. Fortunately, this 29-track sortie of outtakes, demos, live performances, fan faves, and interview clips documents the band's wild, three-year ride. All raucous metal-punk and red-meat hard rock that invites countless comparisons, the Betty girls were, nevertheless, distinctive—and slashing cuts like "Party 'Til Ya Puke," "Shut Up and Fuck," and the anti-anthem "Hell on Wheels" prove it. Occasionally tongue-in-cheek, always completely brazen, this is true rock'n'roll in its purest impurity.—AZ

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