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Films Herald Fahl Solo Set

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The fact that Mary Fahl's songs are influenced by movies has proved to be a boon for Odyssey/Sony Classical, which released her debut solo album, "The Other Side of Time," May 6.

The disc has already been heralded by "Going Home," which Fahl wrote for the "Gods & Generals" soundtrack, and "The Dawning of the Day," her revision of a traditional Irish tune that appeared on the soundtrack to "The Guys."

Both recordings were remixed for Fahl's varied album, which also features the Donizetti aria "Una Furtiva Lagrima" and "Ben Aindi Habibi," a song deriving from the erotic poetry of Moorish women of 11th and 12th century Spain.

But Fahl, who first gained notice as vocalist in the acclaimed but short-lived 1990s adult-pop group October Project, had a hand in writing 12 of the songs on "The Other Side of Time."

She singles out collaborators Bob Riley of late-'80s alt-rock act Grace Pool and Ramsey McLean, who has written for Harry Connick Jr. and whose "very New Orleans jazz influence" afforded her a "second songwriting education," she says.

But Fahl believes that her cinematic songwriting proclivities ultimately helped her snag her Sony Classical deal.

"They didn't have the Odyssey label when I was signed," she says. "I think they thought, 'We love you, but you're not classical. And we're not really a pop label. But we get things in movies.' And then a light went off in my head, because my songs are influenced by movies. I saw a [Alfred] Hitchcock retrospective and wrote [album track] 'Dream of You' after wondering what the theme of 'Vertigo' might have been."

Fahl is currently on tour in support of the set, playing Chicago tonight (June 11).

Here are Fahl's upcoming tour dates:

June 11: Chicago (Park West)
June 12: Milwaukee (Shank Hall)
June 13: Minneapolis (400 Bar)
June 14: Madison, Wis. (Luther's Blues)
June 25: Rochester, N.Y. (Milestones)

Excerpted from the June 14, 2003, issue of Billboard. The full original text of the article is available in the Premium Services section.

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