A Warrior's Journey

Producer Brandon Friesen and composer J.

Producer Brandon Friesen and composer J. Creasey have put together an elaborately produced concept album centered on Native American music that recalls Jaz Coleman's Maori-based Oceania project. Longhouse takes a chilled-out dance approach, using Native chants, flutes and drums and mixing them with synthesized atmospheres and rhythms. The overall effect hovers between pow-wow trance and electronica grooves. Although many of the voices are sampled from Native American artists on Canada's Arbor label, there are no musician credits or sources listed, giving the album a slightly unmoored feeling. Who is that haunting female singer on "Maiden Vision"? And where does that glorious choir, recalling Adiemus, come from on the anthemic "Voices of the Dawn"? Longhouse disregards these musicological queries in favor of a New Age-doused lyricism and slick production that is sure to draw listeners into its mythological world.—JD