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Tilbrook Plans Second Solo Set

Glenn Tilbrook has begun recording songs for his second solo album, which he hopes to release in the spring.

Glenn Tilbrook has begun recording songs for his second solo album, which he hopes to release in the spring. The former Squeeze singer/guitarist recently recorded several songs in a Nashville studio during a break on his just completed seven-week U.S. club tour in support of his 2001 set, "The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook."

In Music City, Tilbrook linked with friend/Dash Rip Rock drummer Bill Davis, "who put together a band of some other guys who were fantastic," he tells "We worked really hard for five days, recorded for three-and-a-half, and I've got eight songs. Considering that 'The Incomplete' took me a year of assing about, to go in and do it that fast is amazing."

Tilbrook issued "The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook" through his own Quixotic Records label. In the U.S., the set was distributed through Colorado-based What Are Records? For his second solo venture, Tilbrook has recorded some of his own material and songs written with his former Squeeze writing partner Chris Difford, as well as Chris Braide and Steve Poltz.

"The Steve Poltz thing is quite surreal, but I like that, because it's not a place that I go to normally," Tilbrook says. "I gave him a title that, actually, Aimee [Mann] had come up with it for a bandname: 'Hot Shaved Asian Teens.' It's such an unlikely song title and, not in an at all straightforward way, I like what it can conjure up. [Poltz] made it very, very evocative."

Tilbrook has also covered the humorous song "The Genitalia of a Fool" by the Cornell Hurd Band. "I'd never been aware of them before," explains Tilbrook, who stumbled upon one of their shows while on a tour break in Austin, Texas. "Cornell Hurd's a brilliant songwriter. I'd love to record with them at some point."

Tilbrook finished his fourth U.S. tour since the release of the album with a show last night (Sept. 9) at New York's B.B. King's Blues Club. Following a brief respite at home in England, he'll tour Australia before turning his concentration to finishing the album.

"I'm still writing for the record, and I still want to do some songs with other people," he says. "Elvis Costello has said he'll do a song with me, and I, rather stupidly, haven't done anything about that yet, but I will. He is brilliant. And he's a very nice man and I would like to write something with him."

Although they've never written together, Tilbrook previously guested on Costello's "From a Whisper to a Scream," which appears on the latter's 1980 album with the Attractions, "Trust," reissued yesterday (Sept. 9) by Rhino in a deluxe edition.

Once the album is released, more touring will follow, "with a full band," Tilbrook promises. "It's fantastic being in charge and traveling with only a few people along to help," he says of his recent solo outings. "But I love playing with a band and want to present these songs the way I intended when I wrote them."