Chemical Brothers

Chemical Reaction

ChemDJs/producers Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands have been friends for nearly 15 years. They have recorded together as the Chemical Brothers for a decade. To celebrate, the Brothers' label, Astralwerks, is this week releasing separately a greatest hits CD ("The Singles '93-'03") and DVD ("Retrospective").

"It was interesting to go through all the music and videotapes and rediscover things we had forgotten about," Simons says. "These songs are full of memories for us."

The CD includes classic tracks like "Song to the Siren," "Setting Sun," "Star Guitar" and the Grammy Award-winning "Block Rockin' Beats." It also spotlights two new tracks: "Get Yourself High" featuring Canadian rapper K-OS and lead single "The Golden Path," a collaboration with the Flaming Lips.

"Compiling 'The Singles' and 'Retrospective' has given us a newfound focus," Simons says. "It's like we have cleared the decks." Rowlands adds, "This has been very liberating for us. These collections give us a fresh start. In a way, we are now at ground zero -- still enjoying the process."