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DidoDido Armstrong's breathless journey is reflected in the title of her much-awaited new album, "Life for Rent" (Arista/BMG). She has gone from hopeful singer/songwriter to budding superstar, thanks to worldwide sales of 12 million for her debut album, "No Angel." But for all the scrutiny of Dido's new work, the English artist says she has put BMG's sales estimate for her previous album out of her mind.

"It was very easy to put it aside," Dido insists. "I was so desperate to get back in the studio, because I had all these ideas in my head. Then I was in this studio environment where you're completely unaware of what's going on. Actually, I think I had way more fun making this record than the last one."

The album offers 11 new songs mostly written by Dido and her brother, Rollo, of U.K. house/pop outfit Faithless. The pair produced seven tracks and co-wrote the bulk of "No Angel"; this time they helmed the entire project. "I enjoyed the freedom and the relationship with my brother, which has really come on," she observes. "We really appreciate each other's input all the time."

New single "White Flag" reached No. 1 last week on Music & Media's Eurochart Hot 100 Singles tally.