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Watch Adele Gloriously Prank a Jamba Juice on 'Ellen DeGeneres'

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Adele during her appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

UPDATE: Jamba Juice has already made a move to capitalize on its involvement in the viral Adele video, creating a website for SwishyChug (a popular beet-and-potato smoothie chain in England, according to a joking Adele) that offers a $2 coupon for Jamba Juice.

Adele truly is the best at life. Refusing to let a slightly off Grammy performance keep her down, the British pop star stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday (Feb. 18) and let Ellen guide her through a glorious prank on an unsuspecting Jamba Juice.

Known for being one of the most down-to-earth pop stars on the scene, Adele has absolutely no inhibitions as Ellen tells her what to say and do (via a hidden earpiece) at a random Jamba Juice in California.

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It's hard to name a best moment in this clip. Adele reaches over the counter and starts chewing on the decorative wheatgrass at one point; she takes a shot of booze out of her purse and tells the Jamba Juice employee to put it in her shake; she also asks if she has to actually pay since she's a celebrity.

While Adele keeps a straight face throughout the whole exchange, she does accidentally say a few of Ellen's in-ear commands out loud instead of silently executing them.

Say "Hello" to Adele the comedian below.