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ElvisThe subject of six posthumous albums to date, late legendary rapper 2Pac (aka Tupac Shakur) is being honored with yet another release, a remix album helmed by his friend and label head Suge Knight. "Death Row Presents 2Pac Nu-Mixx Klazzics" is due this week via Death Row/Koch Records.

The album will feature 10 of the rapper's most well-known tracks, such as "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted," "How Do You Want It" and "Hit 'Em Up," revamped by Death Row's production team Tha Row Hitters.

"We decided to take 'Pac's best tracks and spice them up a bit," says Knight. "In that way, we could revisit the classics while also offering something new. I think we accomplished our goal and I'm sure that, if he were alive today, 'Pac would love what we've done."