Listen to Electro-Rock Trio Jimkata's New Album 'In Motion': Exclusive Premiere

Pat Tellier

Ithaca, N.Y., electro-rock trio Jimkata are set to release their album In Motion on Feb. 12, their third independent release, which they helped crowdfund through PledgeMusic. "We just road dogged it,” Jimkata frontman Evan Friedell tells Billboard. "It's all DIY. Doing 150 shows a year, sleeping on floors, recording songs along the way. We built everything organically, all word of mouth. The advice we got when we started was 'Just go out and play. It'll pay off.’” Billboard has the exclusive premiere of the release below. 

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In Motion sees the band undergoing a bit of a musical transformation but also a reduction in numbers shifting from a quartet to a trio. "Packy, Aaron and I have been making music together since we were kids,” Friedell says about drummer Packy Lunn and synth player Aaron Gorsch. “We've been through so many changes, adventures and challenges both personally and as a group.  We've toured the country several times on a shoestring budget and made so many friends and fans along the way. In the midst of what felt like a whirlwind of changes we found ourselves recording for the first time as a three piece with the help of Die Digital and Feel In Light producer Jason "Jocko" Randall.”

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And science came into play when it came to choosing the album's name. “We named the album after a physics principle that Packy heard Neil deGrasse Tyson talking about; that all things in the universe are constantly in motion," says Friedell. "When you know that fact, you start to see your own life and its many changes and tribulations in a much grander perspective and to just enjoy the ride." 

Thematically, the concepts of motion and travel that the band were grappling with make their way easily through the lyrics. “Lyrically I think In Motion became this reflection on my time traveling the country, living out of a suitcase, and hearing peoples stories in different parts of the country,” says Friedell. “We first started touring as a band after the big economic recession in 2008 and I didn't realize how much our songs were resonating with people on a deep level at a particularly tough time.  People have shared their stories of big life challenges with me and how certain songs got them through. In writing for this album I was feeling pretty impacted by that whole experience and also by the changes I've been through recently in my own life.  A lot of the songs touch on the theme of resilience; of picking yourself up when you're down and riding this constant wave of life no matter what it brings.” 

Listen to In Motion below, which Billboard is exclusively premiering.