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Angie Bowie Explains Leaving David, Estrangement From Her Son

Terry O'Neill/Getty Images
Angie Bowie and David Bowie photographed in 1974.

David Bowie’s first wife Angie Bowie, currently a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother, spoke in detail about her separation from the rock legend and her estranged relationship with their son. 

In addition to her initial reaction to the news, Angie disclosed that it was her decision in 1980 to end the 10-year marriage with David. A Big Brother contestant asks her if she was the one to leave, to which she replied, “I certainly did. I marched. Fuck yeah.” 

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From there, she moved on to talk about director Duncan Jones, her son with David Bowie. 

“I didn’t not want custody,” she explained. “It was just I was never going to take him away from his father because they were tight as can be. It was just one of those things.”

Angie Bowie confessed that she hasn’t spoken to Jones in 28 or so years. She added, “He’s a grown man. It’s different now. He decided he didn’t want to see me and that was that, no problem."

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