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Bon Jovi

'Left' Of Center

BonBon Jovi this week releases "This Left Feels Right," featuring acoustic reinterpretations of the band's greatest hits, as well as two new songs. The band rerecorded a number of its hits for the Island set, including "Born To Be My Baby," "Keep the Faith," "It's My Life" and "Wanted Dead or Alive," in acoustic settings with producer Pat Leonard (Madonna, Elton John).

"We went into the studio thinking we were making an acoustic record," frontman Jon Bon Jovi says. "We had a definite idea of the record we were going to make. But once we began experimenting with the songs and trying out new ideas we created a very different, unique album. We made a complete left turn and took the project down a different road."

The two new songs, "Last Man Standing" and "Thief of Hearts," were written and recorded specifically for "This Left Feels Right," in the same acoustic environment.

International editions of "This Left Feels Right" will include a six-track bonus DVD, featuring a December 2002 taping for AOL's "Sessions" series. Select bonus audio tracks are included on the international and Japanese versions of the album. Bon Jovi will also film its Nov. 14-15 at the Borgata in Atlantic City, N.J., for a future DVD release.