Keith Caulfield answers readers' questions about JC Chasez, Peter Gabriel, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.



I just wanted to know when JC Chasez's new CD is going to come out. I had heard it would be out in October, and well, it's November. So, can you please tell me when it comes out?

Alicia Rodriguez

Hi Alicia,

'N Sync's JC Chasez's debut album, "Schizophrenic," is due out on Feb. 10, 2004. The Jive album's first single is "Some Girls (Dance With Women)," featuring Dirt McGirt. On Dec. 9, a 12" vinyl single will be released.

Chasez most recently appeared on a Billboard chart with his solo single "Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love)," which climbed to No. 35 on the Hot 100. The song was written for the film "Drumline." The music video for the track garnered an MTV Video Music Award nomination earlier this year for best video from a film.


Hi Keith,

I just bought Peter Gabriel's "Hit" CD. He labels one of his CDs "hit" and one "miss" (which I thought was kind of cool). But I'm confused. Both "The Rhythm of the Heat" and "In Your Eyes" are on the "miss" CD, but I thought "Rhythm" was a minor hit and "Eyes" was a huge hit. Did either of these singles chart?

Has Gabriel had strong sales with his CDs "Us" and "Up"? I love pretty much everything he does, but it seems like radio doesn't play him anymore (big surprise, since he's older than 27) and I didn't see much publicity at all about his new greatest hits collection.


Tommy Marx
Winston-Salem, N.C.

Hi Tommy,

It is odd that Peter Gabriel would put "In Your Eyes" on the "miss" half of the album. It's his third biggest hit on The Billboard Hot 100, and it even re-entered the chart after its initial run.

"Eyes" first reached No. 26 in 1986, and then climbed back onto the chart in 1989 and hit No. 41. The re-entry was due to its inclusion in the film "Say Anything." Additionally, "In Your Eyes" is one of Gabriel's four No. 1 singles on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

As for "The Rhythm of the Heat," it never found its way onto any of Billboard's singles charts.

Gabriel's most recent studio album, "Up," has sold 338,000 copies in the U.S. since its release in 2002, according to Nielsen SoundScan. "Us," released in 1992, has sold 1.5 million.


Hi Keith!

I'm interested to know how Nick Lachey's and Jessica Simpson's albums are doing. Have either of them gone at least gold? I am a big fan and it seems they don't get the airplay they deserve.


Tracie W.

Hi Tracie,

Nick Lachey's forthcoming solo debut, "SoulO," was released Tuesday (Nov. 11), so sales information wasn't available at deadline.

As for Jessica Simpson, her most recent album, "In This Skin," has sold 239,000 copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan. Previous to that set, she released two other albums: "Irresistible" (2001; 635,000) and "Sweet Kisses" (1999; 1.8 million).