2016: The Year in Charts

'Daily Show' Gives ISIS a Bad Review -- For Its Music

Trevor Noah on The Daily Show

Trevor Noah called out ISIS on Monday for something it has probably never been accused of before -- bad taste in music.

The Daily Show shared a report that the terrorist group, in an attempt to recruit Chinese Muslims to their cause, has created a four-minute long song in Mandarin as a call-to-arms addressed to Chinese sympathizers.

Noah pointed out that it's "insane that ISIS is worried about diversity, because they're not otherwise known for their political correctness." He then criticized the name of the so-called label behind the song, "Alhayat Media Center," suggesting other, catchier record label names they might have opted for, such as Jihad-Unit, 72 Virgin Records or Iraq-a-Fella. ("Or anything," he added.)

He then played a clip of the down-tempo song which included lyrics like, "A century of slavery/Leaving that shameful memory/Deep in ignorant slumber/The nightmare continues on."

Afterwards Noah insisted, "If I had to listen to that for five more seconds, I would saw my own head off," and then pointed out, quite accurately, that "if anyone is gonna take over the world using music, it's gonna be Adele."

Watch the full clip below: