The Web's Most Intriguing Music-Related Issues & Destinations. This Week: Rusty Anderson, Sleep Station and Petrol Records.

RUSTY WATER: Paul McCartney guitarist Rusty Anderson is releasing his debut solo album, "Undressing Underwater" Dec. 17 for sale strictly through online venues. The disc, which features contributions from McCartney and former Police drummer Stewart Copeland, among others, will be available for purchase at online retailer and

Rusty AndersonAnderson handles vocals, guitar, hammered dulcimer and other instruments on the ten-track disc, which he produced along with David Kahne, Mudrock and Parthenon Huxley. McCartney and the rest of his touring band play on lead track "Hurt Myself," while Copeland lends his drumming talents to "Catbox Beach." Besides his experience with the former Beatle, Anderson's musical background includes stints with Perry Farrell, Elton John, Joe Cocker, Sinead O'Connor and the Wallflowers.

LOOK INTO THE EYEBALL: Eyeball Records has made an all-new EP from the band Sleep Station available free online as a holiday gift to fans. The five-track "Von Cosel EP" is based on the story of Dr. Carl Von Cosel, who lived for seven years in the '30s with the preserved corpse of a former patient, Elena Hoyos, with whom he fell in love while treating her for fatal tuberculosis.

Sleep Station CoverThe quintet, led by guitarist/vocalist Dave Debiak, has released three albums on Eyeball Records, to modest acclaim. The "Von Cosel EP" is available for free download at the band's official Web site as well as the label site, and comes in MP3 form along with downloadable cover art and printable lyrics.

FILL 'ER UP: Australian electronica-focused indie Petrol Records has inked a deal with Altnet, the network associated with Sharman Networks' peer-to-peer service KaZaA. Altnet will begin promoting and distributing Petrol's entire catalog in digital form over the course of 2004.

The partnership will kick off with the Petrol compilation "Sydney - The Sex, the City, the Music," including works by Good Buddha, Baggsmen, EON, Telementry Orchestra and TAG. KaZaA users will be able to purchase songs from the album on an a la carte basis for 99 cents each, as well as purchase the entire album for a discounted price.

Sharman claims that Altnet reaches about 60 million consumers worldwide.