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A Lovely 'Ceremony'

CarlosArista has gathered Carlos Santana's musical odds and ends for "Ceremony -- Remixes and Rarities," due this week in a limited-edition of 100,000 copies. "Ceremony" features songs culled from the recording sessions that yielded Santana's first two albums for the label, 1999's "Supernatural" and 2002's "Shaman."

The disc is graced with five previously unreleased songs, remixes or newly recorded versions of five tracks from "Supernatural" and "Shaman" and one unaltered "Shaman" album track.

"There was so much great material recorded at those sessions," Santana says, "with so many great musicians, songwriters, producers and arrangers contributing their talents. I am honored that Arista has chosen to gather the unissued music together in this package, as a gift to our fans this holiday season."

Among the new songs are "Curacion (Sunlight on Water)," co-written and produced by KC Porter; the Femi Kuti-penned, Kike Santander-produced "Truth Don Die"; "Let Me Love You Tonight," produced and co-written by Anders Bagge; JIMMYRAY Productions' "Come to My World"; and the Salaam Remi co-write/production "Manana," with a guest spot by singer Keon Bryce.

"Ceremony" also features newly recorded versions of the "Supernatural" track "Primavera" and the "Shaman" song "Why Don't You & I," the latter sporting a new vocal by the Calling's Alex Band. Remixes include "Smooth" by Chris Staropoli, "Maria Maria" by Wyclef Jean and "Foo Foo" by Sam "Sever" Citrin.