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Pom Poms' 'Betty - Alt. Version' Music Video: Exclusive Premiere

Pom Poms Video Premier

Following their breakout performance at the Bowery Ballroom during last month’s CMJ Music Marathon, Los Angeles based group Pom Poms has plenty to cheer about.

That's not to say the duo aims for a “ra ra” pop sound, though. Comprised of songstress Marlene as well as Grammy-nominated producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Billy Mohler -- who has worked with Awolnation, Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson -- Pom Poms’ sound boasts a garage pop flavor, referencing a hodgepodge of influences from Quentin Tarantino to The Twilight Zone. In 2016, the duo hopes to finalize their first record and begin touring.     

Today, the psychedelic video for the alternate version of their debut single “Betty” premieres exclusively via Billboard.

“The minute we finished writing ‘Betty’ we knew something was special about that song,” said Marlene. “We were so proud of ourselves. We can churn out a lot of songs. We have that wonderful dynamic of just being inspired by each other. But when ‘Betty’ came around, we were like, ‘What are we going to do with this? We’ve got to do something with this song!'”

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Focused on haunting crooner Marlene (whose impressive vocal on the track is one live take), the video for “Betty – Alt. Version” pairs bursts of color with the vocalist’s blunt bob and matching black shades. 

Watch the video for “Betty – Alt. Version” below.