It appears that "it" band Maroon5 can do no wrong.

It appears that "it" band Maroon5 can do no wrong. Right now, with two hit singles under its belt ("Harder to Breathe," "This Love"), the Los Angeles-based quintet is making noise with new single "She Will Be Loved." So, with the irons hot, the band delivers a live, acoustic set. Recorded at New York's Hit Factory in early 2003, "1.22.03.Acoustic" proves Maroon5's true merit. Lead vocalist Adam Levine shines brightly on the melancholic "She Will Be Loved" and soulful "Sunday Morning." Levine's bandmates—pianist/ guitarist Jesse Carmichael, guitarist James Valentine, bassist Mickey Madden and percussionist Ryan Dusick—deliver the musical goods throughout the breezy seven-track set. Unfortunately, the electricity of "This Love" gets completely lost in the acoustic translation. Still, "1.22.03.Acoustic" is a great complement to Maroon5's young catalog.—RH