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Paul Westerberg

Po’ ‘Folks’

PaulFormer Replacements frontman Paul Westerberg continues his recent prolific spate with the solo album “Folker,” due this week via Vagrant. "It's got the classic stuff,” he enthuses. “You know, the songs of mine that people always like? I think I've got more than I need this time. I think it might be a fan favorite."

"Folker" follows two Westerberg albums released last September: the soundtrack to the documentary "Come Feel Me Tremble" and a set from his Grandpaboy alter ego, "Dead Man Shake."

Although he's planning to make some appearances in support of the new album, an extended tour is out of the question. "Those days are over, at least for now, until probably my son gets to the age where he can lift my amps for me," he says with a laugh.