Tilly & The Wall, The Music Snobs, Indie911

The Tangled Web, a weekly column featuring interesting music-related online destinations. This week: Independent label Team Love's flagship act Tilly & the Wall, SonyConnect's The Music Snobs and

FREE LOVE: Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst's new Team Love label, which he co-founded with Nate Krenkel, has a novel approach to marketing "Wild Like Children," the new album from flagship act Tilly & the Wall. The entire album is offered for free download at the label's Web site.

The label is also selling hard copies of the album online, and it hopes the downloads will serve as a promotional tool to drum up word-of-mouth support among indie listeners. Also available on the site are videos and a non-album Tilly & the Wall track. Forthcoming is music from Willy Mason, who is working on his label debut.

SNOBS FOR THE MASSES: Music download service SonyConnect will this month debut a weekly newsletter from veteran music-industry scribes Roy Trakin and Bud Scoppa. Dubbed The Music Snobs, the feature will find the two debating songs available on the service, from new releases to older nuggets, and presenting a 10-song playlist of mutual favorites. Naturally, the newsletter will link to the tracks at the SonyConnect store for purchase.

When SonyConnect upgrades its service Sept. 30 to include streaming radio channels, Music Snobs will have one of its own, with 1,000 tracks selected and sequenced by Scoppa and Trakin.

WHERE'S THE EMERGENCY?: Indie911 is yet another resource for independent musicians trying to get their music exposed through the music-rich landscape of the Internet. The free site organizes submitted music with in-depth information that allows it to target music business licensors as well as browsing fans.

Founder Justin Goldberg, author of "The Ultimate Survival Guide to the NEW Music Industry," touts the site as a companion resource to readers of his book, offering musicians a shot at creating revenue opportunities at little cost.

Indie911's radio program includes a built-in royalty system designed to pay qualifying member artists and songwriters for their "airplay" from the site. It also allows potential licensors easy access to a host of recordings already available for license for special projects.

As Web-radio and music-hosting sites go, Indie911 is much more evolved than most as a resource for independent musicians looking to spread the word about their art and build a career.