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One Direction Play 'GMA': An On-the-Scene Rundown of the Madness

ABC/Fred Lee
One Direction performs live from Central Park as part of the Summer Concert Series on "Good Morning America" on Aug. 4, 2015. 

What started out as a morning of threatening storms Tuesday (Aug. 4) turned into a beautiful day for the lads of One Direction when they performed on Good Morning America. Held in New York’s Central Park, the venue was spacious enough to fit the expected thousands of fans -- but that didn’t stop people from lining up hours (even days) before the GMA performance.

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My four friends and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the free show, so we decided to take part in the madness by heading over to Central Park around 3 a.m. We figured there would already be quite the line by the time we arrived, and there was. From our nighttime arrival to our exit more than six hours later, here's what happened.

3:15 Arrival. The line is already past 68th St., four blocks from the park's entrance. It's sprinkling but no one seems to care.

3:22 Head to the front of the line to find out when the first people arrived: 10 a.m. on Sunday. Yes, almost two entire days of waiting.

3:29 A massive bolt of lightning strikes. You'd think Niall Horan or Louis Tomlinson made an appearance from the screaming.

3:55 Just as the line begins to move, the storm hits hard. 

4:10 Girls begin singing "Drag Me Down" as the storm continues, insinuating that 1D will pull us through the strong winds and pelting rain.

5:11 Once the storm finally settles, Horan tweets his concerns for the waiting fans.

6:25 Finally through the check-in gates, but sent to another waiting area. Minutes later a "LET US IN!" chant begins.

7:17 Soundcheck begins. As the band plays "Steal My Girl" prior to the boys coming out, a fan sing-along occurs.

7:22 After 4.5 hours, the Directioners are in.

7:26 Liam Payne is the first to be seen -- cue the screams. The rest of the boys follow. Payne thanks the crowd and one fan screams, "I think I'm in heaven."

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7:44 One Direction performs "Drag Me Down"! Harry Style's mega note toward the end makes girls go nuts.

7:46 Payne asks for people to move back and gets a stern "No!" from the audience.

7:53 The warm-up guy tells everyone the guys aren't going to marry them. You wouldn't believe the astonished reaction from the entire crowd.

8:15 Girls are being interviewed for The View, but all people really care about is Raven-Symone (who is wearing a mask). One guy yells, "I wanna meet Raven, she's better than One Direction! Just kidding, just kidding -- don't kill me."

8:21 As Tomlinson is asked about his baby on the way, a fan says, "We got them to talk about Louis' baby, we started a revolution!"

8:30 GMA interviewer Michael Strahan says, "there were five of you last time you were here" and the crowd roars "Boooo" at the mention.

8:41 A girl is reading a tweet about Tomlinson's baby news and says, "Oh my god so he's going to be a dad?! I thought that was fake!"

8:47 Horan starts singing "It's getting hot in here" and the audience responds "so take off all your clothes!" The band, however, did not strip.

9:04 A space buns chant is started so Styles will do them (see Miley Cyrus' Instagram post).

9:07 The heat gets worse, girls are sweating, and one says, "I'm probably losing, like, so much weight from this."

9:15 Styles says the new album is "a little aggressive" and fans go, "Ooooh, aggressive!"

9:20 Post-interview, Horan sings, "I need to wee" and a fan says, "He has some bladder issues, he's gotta get out of here."

9:21 Things have wound down, so fans sing "Happy Birthday" to Lottie (Tomlinson's sister) and the boys say, "That was cute!"

9:28 Although the boys are still on stage, we're told there will be no more performances, so we head out. As we leave, all remnants of the long wait -- soggy food, abandoned belongings -- have been cleared away. It almost felt like the Twilight Zone, as if all the craziness never occurred.