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Keith Caulfield answers readers' questions about the Rolling Stones, Billboard Music Awards and Def Leppard.



Do you have a release date for the new Rolling Stones double "Live" CD of the band's Licks tour? I have seen a track listing on a European Rolling Stones fan site.


Hi Trevor,

While there are rumors of the release of a live CD from the Rolling Stones "Licks" tour, nothing has been officially confirmed. There are rumors of release dates floating around the Internet, but the band's U.S. label, Virgin Records, has not announced anything about a live album.


Hi Keith,

I was just wondering if you have the date for the Billboard Music Awards in December in Las Vegas?

Jim Zies

Hello Jim,

The Billboard Music Awards will air live on Fox, Dec. 8. It will be staged at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. More details about performers and presenters will be announced as the date of the event nears.

Last year, performers on the broadcast included Pink, Beyoncé, Foo Fighters, Clay Aiken, Evanescence, R. Kelly, No Doubt, Sting and Shania Twain.


Hi Keith

According to the band's official Web site, Def Leppard will soon have a new greatest hits collection on the streets. "'Super Vault' will replace the 1995 version of 'Vault,' which means it is now deleted from the band's catalogue and no more copies will be produced," the site says.

Does this mean that "Super Vault" will replace "Vault" on Billboard's Top Pop Catalog chart as well, or will "Super Vault" be eligible to appear on The Billboard 200?

And how about Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certifications? Will shipments of the new set be added to those of "Vault" or will it start over?

Finally, how many copies has "Vault" shifted according to Nielsen SoundScan and are classic albums like "Pyromania" and "Hysteria" still selling well?


Thomas Christiansen

Hi Thomas,

A two-disc Def Leppard greatest hits album is slated for a release later this year in the United States, although a release date has not yet been announced. The set will be released Oct. 25 in the United Kingdom.

Stateside, because this new set will have a different title, data for the set will not be merged with "Vault" for chart purposes. The two are completely separate entities, with different track lists and titles.

Because "Super Vault" will be a new album, it will be eligible to chart on The Billboard 200, and "Vault" will continue to chart on the Top Pop Catalog albums tally for the duration of its life.

Because "Super Vault" will be a different album, RIAA certifications will not be merged with "Vault."

Since its release in 1995, "Vault" has sold 3.8 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. As of late, 1983's "Pyromania" sells 600 to 1,000 units each week, while 1987's "Hysteria" shifts between 1,000 and 1,500 copies per week.